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Why you should try our app?

The goal of WomApp is helping you to know more about yourself. How? With our personality tests, health tools and zodiac sign indicators. Want to know how you would react to a situation? Wanna know if you are too sensitive? Or even if you are feelin stress? Do the tests and they will help you to go in the right direction.
Do you know what you should about your zodiac sign? Check your element, your ruling planet, your characteristics in love, energy points and more!

Are you healthy? Most women do not know their BMI, or do not even know how many liters of water should drink per day. With WomApp tools you can find that and more!
Are you planning on doing a diet? If you are, with WomApp you will find a lot of options, so you can choose the one that fits you better. All diets in one app.